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I originally put this information together for posting in the faq section of pink fish media, my favourite flat earth hi-fi forum. Since then, I have received a number of requests from other interested sites to be able to link to the Isobarik pages directly, hence the reason for this page.


Mick Seymour

Linn Isobarik Revision History
What are DMS & PMS Isobariks?
What does Isobarik Mean?
Linn Isobarik related Manuals
Linn Isobarik Patents
Converting the DMS Isobarik from Passive to Aktiv
Isobarik Cannon Connections
Linn Isobarik Drivers Bass Units Midrange Units Treble Units
Linn Isobarik Related Reviews
Linn Isobarik related Sales Literature
Linn Isobarik In-Stand Crossover
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