Treble Units

The following table shows details of tweeters likely to have been used in production Isobariks.

Tweeters a) Scan-Speak D2008 b) Scan-Speak D2008/8511 c) Linn D20-LP-1
a.k.a.     Hiquphon D20-LP-1
Age late 70's 80's? mid 80's - still in production
Dimensions 92mm 92mm 92mm
Nominal Impedance      
Minimum Impedance      
Frequency Response      
Voice Coil      
Dividing Frequency      
Fundamental Resonance      
Comments This would have been the driver originally fitted to production Isobariks. This one may or may not have been used in production prior to the change to the Hiquphon unit. I had a pair fitted to one of my Isobariks but I don't know if they were original. These are OEM drivers made for Linn by Hiquphon. I have been unable to find any documentation or specification for them and neither Linn nor Hiquphon are willing to provide it for this faq. They are available solely from Linn Products. Later versions have a Linn logo on the front face.

The following table shows details of tweeters unlikely to have been or definately not used in production Isobariks but which are suitable as replacements.

Tweeters d) Scan-Speak D2008/851200 e) Linn Ninka Tweeter f) Hiquphon OW1-92
a.k.a.     OW1 with 92mm faceplate
Age Current Current Current
Dimensions 92mm   92mm
Weight 0.4kg   0.36kg for 94mm faceplate model
Nominal Impedance  
Minimum Impedance     6.7Ω
Programme 150W (12dB/octave crossover at 4kHz)   100W (12db/octave crossover at 2.5kHz )
Frequency Response 4k-20kHz   2kHz-28kHz
Voice Coil 19mm   20mm
Dividing Frequency 4kHz   2.5kHz
Fundamental Resonance 800Hz   850Hz
Comments Due to its more recent age, this driver would not have been used in production but it can be fitted today in place of older versions, something that has been done by a number of owners, myself included. They do not come in matched pairs but are generally sold from the same batch. I could find no details of changes to the specification over the years. The design of the front face has remained the same throughout the variations in model number. The tweeter used in the Linn Ninka loudspeaker has been used as a replacement quite successfully. One Linn dealer has said it sounds quite good in the Isobarik and is a popular choice. Hiquphon will happily supply their OW1 tweeter with a special 92mm faceplate to fit the Isobarik and suggest it would make 'a very fine substitute'. They are supplied in matched pairs.